French Alpine Coat Colors

Alpine colors are described by using the following terms:
  • Cou Blanc (coo blanc) - literally "white neck" white front quarters and black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head.

  • Cou Clair (coo clair) - literally "clear neck" front quarters are tan, saffron, off-white, or shading to gray with black hindquarters.

  • Cou Noir (coo nwah) - literally "black neck" black front quarters and white hindquarters

  • Sundgau (sundgow) - black with white markings such as underbody, facial stripes, etc.

  • Pied - spotted or mottled.

  • Chamoisee (shamwahzay) - brown or bay characteristic markings are black face, dorsal stripe, feet and legs, and sometimes a martingale running over the withers and down to the chest. Spelling for male is chamoise.

  • Two-tone Chamoisee - light front quarters with brown or gray hindquarters. This is not a cou blanc or cou clair as these terms are reserved for animals with black hindquarters.

  • Broken Chamoisee - a solid chamoisee broken with another color by being banded or splashed, etc.

{Any variation in the above patterns broken with white should be described as a broken pattern such as a broken cou blanc.}