Farm Tours & Events

We offer farm tours throughout the year! 
If you would like to schedule a farm tour or try milking a goat, give us a holler!  We would be happy to talk to you about scheduling a private farm tour.
**Tours are limited to our current milking schedule,
in order to maintain a closed herd and protect
our dairy from disease**

Sherman Creek

{Farm Tour Prices}

Private Tours ~ $50.00

for groups up to 5 people


{Farm Events}}

Contact us for a price quote for your Farm Event!


Contact us for our current schedule!


(Tour fees can be applied to deposits for kids!)

New Visitation Policies


All visits MUST be made by appointment


Here at Sherman Creek Farm we run a tight ship. Our goats take up the majority of our day, with a schedule that must be maintained at all times. While we enjoy our visitors and sharing our farm with everyone, we do need to arrange an appointment for you that will fit our tight schedule AND ensure you have our undivided attention. Drop-in guests can throw off our entire day, and we don’t want to leave our babies waiting for their next meal, or end up working half the night playing catch-up---so please be considerate and make sure you have an appointment before stopping by.


Health First


We maintain a closed herd, meaning our goats are carefully raised in a healthy environment without exposure to dangerous diseases that could potentially infect them. All it takes is one person to unknowingly introduce disease into our farm and we could lose all of our animals. Nobody wants that!

While we enjoy farm tours and visitors, we do have specific guidelines to ensure the health of our animals. All visitors are given specific instructions to help them prepare for the tour. This includes not visiting other farms the day of your visit, proper attire, and other instructions. Most people do not take these considerations into account when visiting, and we've had too many instances of visitors dropping by that had been to other farms the same day. Yikes!


It is at this time that we kindly remind all friends, family and visitors to please refrain from bringing extra visitors along without prior notice and approval from Sherman Creek Farm.

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