Dairy Girls

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YBNVS Relent's Gabriela - A1409815--Retired

Pictured at 8 months & 2 months old



Gabriela is a very tall and long bodied doe with nice feet and legs. She is also very angular with a sharp tight withers and a nice front end assembly. Gabriela also has excellent breed character with a classic alpine head being very alert and graceful. Gabriela throws beautiful kids!

Date of Birth: April 26 , 2007

2007 Show Record:

1 x 3rd
1 x 4th

YBNVS Jim Eden - A1439355--Retired

From Eden's breeder, "Eden is another doe that I always loved. Her litter mate Endora is a Grand Champion, Appraised a 92 EEEE which is the same as past National Champions and she was 5th place with 3rd udder this year at the 2012 ADGA National Show.

You can see Endora here: http://www.ybnvsdairygoats.com/endora.htm She has been Best in Show several times and is one of my nicest does."

YBNVS Zensational Good Fighter - A1463162--Retired

Fighter is extremely correct in general appearance with strong pasterns, nice feet and legs, a long level top line and a tight front end. She is also very dairy and angular with a beautiful alpine head.

Date of Birth: May 7 2008


Halcyn Farm K’S Juliette - A1579250--Retired

Sherman Pioneer's Ella Rose - A1439355